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Points Official Rules

MySurvey Reward Points Program

  1. Who Can Earn MySurvey Reward Points:

    Any legal resident of Canada, age 14 or older, who is currently a member of the MySurvey interactive panel or who joins the MySurvey interactive panel. Minors under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parent or legal guardian in order to earn MySurvey Reward Points. Employees of Lightspeed, their subsidiaries and members of their households or immediate families are not eligible to participate.

  2. How to Earn Points:

    MySurvey interactive panel members earn Reward Points for the following:

    • Taking certain surveys (depending on length and content)
    • Referring an eligible member to the panel
    • Participating in other research opportunities offered by MySurvey such as online communities, focus groups, product tests, etc.
    • Other activities sponsored by MySurvey

    Members earn Points from the time they join the panel until the time they officially decline membership by unsubscribing. Individuals are allowed one membership. Additional memberships by the same individual will be deactivated and any points accrued will be forfeited.

  3. Point Accrual:

    Points will be deposited in the member's account in as little as a few seconds to as much as 3 months after they earn them (for taking certain surveys or for referring a new member). Points for surveys are usually added in seconds whereas referral Points take longer because the new member must participate in two surveys. Individuals are allowed one membership. Additional memberships by the same individual will be deactivated and any points accrued will be forfeited.

  4. Viewing Points:

    MySurvey members can view their current MySurvey point accounts online after they become a member at the Rewards section of this site. This section of the site is restricted to members only and members must enter user name and password to view Points.

  5. Redeeming Points:

    MySurvey members can redeem Points anytime they have accumulated 1,061 or more MySurvey Points. Points may be exchanged for selected merchandise anytime a member has the requisite number of Points. Points must be redeemed online. This section of the site is restricted to members only and members must be logged in with their official email address and password to redeem Points.

    Rewards redeemed as charitable contributions are not tax deductible for the individual member. CRA regulations stipulate that the donation must come directly from the donor to be tax deductible.

    At present, members have a choice of redeeming Points for a variety of electronically-fulfilled and physical items. Point redemption methods may be added, removed or substituted in the future at the sole discretion of MySurvey.

  6. Delivery of Rewards:

    Members are responsible for making sure mailing address is correct. An opportunity is provided to supply, edit and confirm name, address, and contact information at the time of reward redemption. Furthermore, MySurvey or its incentive provider will mail prizes/merchandise only to legal Canadian addresses.

  7. Point Redemption at Termination of Panel Membership:

    Panel members who terminate membership will forfeit all Points in their MySurvey Reward Points account. Those who wish to terminate panel membership and have Points in their account may choose to redeem any available Points provided they have sufficient Points for reward redemption. Redemption options start at 1,061 Points. Any point redemption must be done prior to officially unsubscribing. Those who have Points in their account at termination forfeit all Points. New panel members who do not respond to their first survey invitation (sent via email shortly after joining) or any of the reminders will be assumed to have registered in error. Membership will be deactivated and Points will be forfeited 2 weeks after the third email. Other panel members who have not responded to five or more consecutive survey notifications will be contacted via email to ascertain their interest in continuing membership. If no response is obtained from the panelist within 2 weeks of notification, MySurvey will assume the member wishes to cease participation, the membership will be deactivated and all Points will be forfeited.

  8. Program Duration/Program Modification:

    MySurvey reserves the right to terminate or modify the MySurvey Reward Points Program at its discretion at any time. Modifications may include (but are not limited to) additions or deletions to the list of ways Points may be earned or modifications to point values for existing methods of earning Points. MySurvey will alert its membership via email about any changes on or before the effective date. Such changes will also be posted on the relevant pages of the MySurvey website on or before the date of implementation.

  9. Limits of Liability:

    MySurvey and its incentive providers have no responsibility whatsoever for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind that result from acceptance, possession, or use of any MySurvey Reward Points, their cash value or merchandise redeemed with MySurvey Reward Points. MySurvey and its incentive providers are not responsible for lost, stolen or misdirected prizes or merchandise sent to panel members.

  10. Member Responsibilities:

    Members are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any tax liabilities incurred.

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